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Controllling DLN-4M with Python Under Linux

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francois paolini
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Controllling DLN-4M with Python Under Linux



   I need to control DLN-4M from a linux redhat 6 workstation, using python

   To Pilot DLL-4M, I need to use ctypes module, with a dynamic library.

   To get a, Ihave done what was proposed in a previous discussion:

     ar -x libdln.a

     gcc -shared *.o -o

   But I need also to known which additionnal system libraries should be linked.

   I have discovered that I need to link also stdc++ library

     gcc -shared *.* - o -lstdc++

   But it is not sufficient. Could you give me the libaries to link ? Or provide the ?

   Kinds regards,


F Paolini.


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I created Python (native)

I created Python (native) client (TCP/IP) API.

Now it is supports only SPI-master (not all functions). It is easy to add other modules.


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