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DiolanUsbSpi does not work

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DiolanUsbSpi does not work


I am working with Diolan UsbSpi Adapter and have faced with error. Trying to make a program, but have some troubles, api do not help with them. 

1) I have connected an adapter to pc 

2) DlnOpenDevice returned 0x00

3) DlnDeviceId return id 

4) DlnSpiMasterEnable returns 0xA8 with conflict = 25

5) DlnGetPinCfg with pin = conflict returned 0x00 but DlnSpiMasterEnable does not work again

6) DlnRestart return 95 and doesn't work 

So I can't transfer data via DlnSpiMasterReadWrite cause it returned 0xA8

i can't watch cfg structure from DlnGetPinCfg

and I can't find something which can help me in API manul

can you suggest something?

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