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Handling Events

All DLN-series adapters, except of DLN-1 device, support event-driven interface, which can be also used within LabView environment.

Use Register Callback Event for registering events from .NET library reference. Registers a VI to be called when an event occurs. This function is used to register and handle .NET events. LabView uses the type of the input reference wired to each item to determine the events for which you can register.


To get Register Callback Event function, right-click on Block Diagram and navigate to Connectivity > .NET palette. More detailed information on how to use events can be found at DeviceRemovedEvent example section or NI LabView help.

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how to pass callback function in DlnRegisterNotification()


i found some issues while working with dln as i2c slave.In my code i am trying to call DlnRegisterNotification() function from python using ctype,in which iam passing a callback function which internally call dlngetmessage function so i want a notification for every time when message is transfer ,but while running it is not invoking that callback would you please send me any example so that i will get to know to pass callback fuction and how it actully work.

and please give me some more idea about how this DlnRegisterNotification() work in callback mode.

please help me out in solving this issue.

Thanks and regards,
Shikha Kabra


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