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DlnUartEnable() Function

The DlnUartEnable() function enables UART port.This function is defined in the dln_uart.h file.

DLN_RESULT DlnUartEnable(
    HDLN handle, 
    uint8_t port, 
    uint16_t *conflict

A handle to the DLN-series adapter.


A number of the UART port to be enabled.


A pointer to an unsigned 16-bit integer. This integer can be filled with a number of the conflicted pin, if any.A conflict arises if a pin is already assigned to another module of the DLN-series adapter and cannot be used by the UART module. To fix this a user has to disconnect a pin from a module that it has been assigned to and call the DlnUartEnable() function once again. If there are any more conflicting pins, the next conflicted pin number will be returned.

Return Value

The operation completed successfully and UART port was enabled.

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