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This manual describes how to interface DLN-series adapters from C and C++ programming languages.

The first chapter describes how to configure the C/C++ project and establish a connection to the DLN series adapter. It also contains overall overview of the interface and types of messages used to send data between computer and adapter.

Every subsequent chapter describes the particular interface. It starts with a theoretical introduction of how this interface can be used and configured. The last section in each chapter contains the detailed reference for all functions, structures and events associated with this interface.

You are not required to use C or C++ programming language to interface the DLN series adapters. Most of the programming languages can use C-style shared libraries (DLL in Windows), while the function-calling conventions may differ. That should not be a problem, because most programming languages can call functions supplied by the operation system. These functions are mostly implemented in C-style shared libraries. If you experience problems with interfacing the dln.dll library from your application, feel free to submit a question to the forum.

We provide the specialized libraries, examples and API documentation for .Net languages and LabView.

The documentation is constantly growing with new content. If you can't find the required information, please post a question to the forum and our engineers will assist you.

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