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DLN-series adapters provide an easy way to connect a variety of sensors and hardware devices to a personal computer. With a wide range of ready-to-use software and open source examples you will quickly become familiar with these adapters and achieve all your goals. At dlnware.com web site you can find all the necessary documentation about DLN-series USB to I2C, SPI and GPIO adapters and communicate with other developers from the community.

Main reasons to use DLN-series adapters:

  • Hundreds of ready to use programs and open source examples for getting you up and running with your new hardware.
  • Huge development community including scientists, hardware and software engineers from different companies and educational institutions.
  • These adapters have different form factors functionality and price ranges, but they all use the same software application programming interface and are easily interchangeable.
  • The System-on-Chip (SoC) solution is available. You can purchase the preprogrammed microcontrollers and embed them directly into your hardware.
  • Asynchronous and even-driven interfaces to increase data flow performance and reduce resource consuming.

Recently updated articles:

Single Device Opening

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Device Opening & Identification

DLN API is designed for a maximum flexibility. It allows to build simple applications that interface a single device with only a few lines of code. It also provides a lot of functions to build more complex applications, which can interface several adapters simultaneously, even if they are connected to different computers. There is a number of approaches to distinguish between different adapters, different types of adapters, and check what subset of the functionality the particular adapter supports.

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Installation & Using DLN Adapter in MS Windows

DLN-series USB-I2C/SPI/GPIO interface adapters are assigned to access your hardware from PC using I2C, SPI interfaces and GPIO.

Before you start using the DLN-series adapters, you need to install the USB communication driver suitable for your operation system. The driver is installed together with the DLN setup package, which can be found in the Downloads section of the www.dlnware.com web site.

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Connecting to the DLN Server

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Hardware Type

DLN series include a number of different devices. All these devices support API described in the current manual, but their available functionality may slightly differ. For example, they can support different SPI and I2C bus frequencies, not all of the adapters implement I2C/SPI slave interfaces, etc.

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Device Identification

Every DLN-series adapter has a unique serial number, allocated during the manufacturing. You can obtain the serial number of the device by calling the DlnGetDeviceSn() function. Use the DlnOpenUsbDeviceBySn() function to open the device with the specific serial number.

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Communication with Adapter

Internally, the communication with the adapter is implemented by sending data blocks to and from the adapter. These blocks of data represent commands, responses and events.

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New version of DLN setup package has been released (3.4.0)

Download it from Downloads section.

Added console applications for GPIO, SPI Master and I2C Master modules.

New binaries can be found at "..\Program Files\Diolan\DLN\binaries\console" folder after DLN setup package installation.

Source code can be found at "..\Program Files\Diolan\DLN\examples\c_cpp\examples\cpp_console_boost". To compile projects Boost C++ Library is required.

Installing DLN Setup Package

DLN setup package works with DLN-series adapters in MS Windows OS. DLN setup package includes the drivers for the DLN adapters and the software to operate with them. DLN setup package also includes libraries, source files, documentation and demo applications.

To install the software for the DLN-series adapters on MS Windows, download and launch the latest DLN setup package from the Downloads section of the www.dlnware.com web site.

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SS Line Release Between Frames Theory

By default, SPI data transmission between a master and a slave looks like this.

SS release between frames is disabled.

However, some slave devices require SS line to be released and deasserted between data frames.

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