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Diolan not work on startup

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I have a problem with Diolan DLN-2 modules.

When running XP, when booting up computer from shut down state, the DLN-2 shows d1 and d2 LEDs on dimly. But not flashing like normal heartbeat. The USB device is not recognised by the operating system. Re-plugging in the DLN-2 to the USB once the computer is already on fixes, heartbeat LED resumes, and system recognizes.

In windows 7 same issue happens but LEDS appear normal on boot. DLN-2 is still not recognised until re-plug.

We use these in a production environment, and it is a hassle to have the line workers re-plugging parts of the test setups to get them to work.

Is there any firmware upgrades or assistance you can offer to fix this problem??


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