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The Secret Of Skype Recorder For Windows

<br>Skype on Windows is an excellent solution to speak with others. While there are sometimes problems then and now that demand solving, but over all it's a great alternative that keeps down costs; nonetheless, the one thing the program does not have is a built-in method to record telephone calls. This is a required attribute for all kinds of users.

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Cannot find information related to 0x8D error message

Recently got popped up with this error message (0x8D) couldnt find anywhere in the functions.

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A few questions about DLN-4SE


I am reviewing DLN-4SE and have a few questions as below.

Does DLN-4SE support I2C clock stretch? What I2C addressing mode (7 bit , 10 bit and so on) does DLN-4SE support? Does DLN-4SE support SPI polarity configuration?

Thank you

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Additional functionality to I2C Master

I deal with the programming of hearing aids.For this purpose I use I2C and SDA protocols.The SDA is bidirectional communication protocol with data and clock on the same line.I have two questions for you:
 1.Are you familiar with SDA communication protocol?
 2.Can you add this communication protocol to  firmware of Master Adapter DLN - 2 and to GUI?
I want to use I2C scanner to obtain ID,VID,PID and communication address to slave devices. /usually the manufacturer has not provided it/


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