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DLN-4S SPI Code Examples



I have purchased a DLN-4S adapter in order to generate / receive SPI transactions . I used several code examples but did not find one which sends correct a full SPI Transaction (such as the one below):


Is there any other example available which can generate / receive such a full transaction ?

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Controlling DLN-4S with Python


Hi Diolan, We have just bought 5 of you DLN-4S adaptors and need to set up some extended testing.  Do you have any examples of controlling your DLN-4S with Python?  I am particularly interested in the SPI interface, but also GPIOs and serial.  Thanks,

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Problem with SS rise event enabled


Hi, I'm programming a SPI interface with dln4s in C#. The data rate is about 11Mbps, and the data is transferring by 16 bit package. Each package is accompanied by a /SS low. There's only 3 cycle idle time between each frame, and the SS signal only rise in this 3 cycle. It seems that whenever I enable the option with the SS rise event enabled, right after I start giving signal, the board stopped working(Yellow light stalled), and I have to reconnect the board to USB.  If I leave the option disabled, I could not read the signal correctly. what could be the problem?

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how to use the Restart() function


 I’m not sure how to use the Restart() function.  Usually, I use that kind of function at initialization to make sure a device is in a “known state” before setting-up all the functions needed…  Here’s my code:

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SPI Slave question



I am trying to use a DLN-4S in as an SPI slave using the example program SpiSlaveRecieve.exe.  When I run the program and try to select the slave mode, I get the following error:

Call to DlnSpiSlaveEnable() function fails with error code 0x00CB

Any idea what the issue could be?


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