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Older DLN Setup Package Releases

PackageVersionDateKey Features
dln.3.3.2.exe [zip]3.3.207 July 2016
  • Updated LabView driver.
  • Added and to show how to catch SPI slave events when SPI slave receives data from SPI master. SPI data then can be handled by user from callback in any convenient way.
  • Updated LabView driver VIs for latest library version.
  • Updated MFC applications controls.
  • Updated SpiSlaveReceive MFC application. Added Load Reply and Enqueue Reply functionality.
dln.3.2.1.exe [zip]3.2.119 May 2016
  • I2CMaster application fixes.
  • Fixed negative serial number output at open device dialog at DlnMfc.dll.
  • Added DLN devices user manual in pdf format.
  • Libraries and some binary files updates.
dln.3.1.1.exe [zip]3.1.111 Dec 2015
  • Simple DLN examples.
  • dln.dll library and header updates, so now you can use all new functions mentioned in the C/C++ API manual.
  • Bug fixes.
dln.3.0.2.exe [zip]3.0.228 May 2015
  • Fixed dln.dll naming issue in direct setup mode.
  • Updated LabView instrument driver.
dln.3.0.1.exe [zip]3.0.126 March 2015
  • Added "Direct" and "Server Based" installation types. You can read more at
  • Added new functionality to SPI Slave Interface module (Enable IDLE event and IDLE event timeout parameter, which allows adding delay to SS line triggering). 
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.
DLN.2.0.3.exe [zip]2.0.327 Dec 2013

- DLN-series devices 32-bit and 64-bit drivers were updated to use winusb library.

- Driver was updated to correctly install DLN-series devices in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

- DlnServer reached 2.0.3 version.

- reached version.

- dln.dll reached version.

- Bug fixes.

DLN.1.9.4.exe [zip]1.9.417 Oct 2013 library reached version. Added Restart() and Delay() methods to Dln.Device class.

DLN.1.9.3.exe [zip]1.9.310 Sep 2013

- fixes, reached version

- Fixed PWM duty cycle issue at
 - Fixed maximum reply count parameter not implemented error for DLN-4M/S adapters at I2cMaster .NET examples.

DLN.1.9.2.exe [zip]1.9.219 July 2013- Bug Fixes.
- Released version
- Release dln.dll
- Added functionality for configuring maximum reply count.
DLN.1.9.1.exe [zip]1.9.116 April 2013- Some fixes.
DLN.1.9.0.exe [zip]1.9.027 March 2013- Added DlnI2cMasterTransfer() function to dln.dll and Transfer method to I2cMaster module in .NET API.
DLN.1.8.2.exe [zip]1.8.216 March 2013- Added Spi Flash module header file;
- Fixed Gpio.Pin.Value property at;
- Fixed events handlers in some VB.NET examples.
DLN.1.8.0.exe [zip]1.8.004 January 2013- LabVIEW Instrument Driver for DLN-series adapters;
- Updates and fixes.
DLN.1.7.0.exe [zip]1.7.012 October 2012- Ready to use library, which provides DLN-series adapters functionality for .NET applications;
- C# and VB WFA examples for demonstrating API (see /Diolan/DLN/examples folder);
- Added dln_uart.h header file to avoid DlnMfc compilation error.
DLN.1.6.5.exe [zip]1.6.530 May 2012- Bug with GpioMonitor application. Pin value was not changed automatically when reconfigured;
- Fixes in DlnMfc.dll library.
DLN.1.6.4.exe [zip]1.6.423 May 2012- Fixed Dln Server Service interruption bug.
DLN.1.6.3.exe [zip]1.6.311 May 2012- New binaries for operation with I2C Master and Slave Interfaces;
- Fixed software and library bugs.
DLN.1.6.2.exe [zip]1.6.220 January 2012- Added new functions to dln.dll: DlnAdcGetSupportedResolutions, DlnAdcGetSupportedEventTypes, DlnAdcResolutionToStringA, DlnAdcEventTypeToStringA;
- Extended ADC Demo functionality, compatibility improvements with DLN-1;
- Fixed bugs.
DLN.1.6.1.exe [zip]1.6.118 January 2012- Fixed DlnGpioSetDebounce function in dln.dll library and dln_gpio.h header file;
- Deleted restricted spi_gui, spi_slave_gui and gpio_gui applications;
- Added new demo application binary and source code for GPIO module - GpioMonitor.
DLN.1.5.1.exe [zip]1.5.110 January 2012- Fixed issues with Windows 2000 compatibility.
DLN.1.5.0.exe [zip]1.5.023 December 2011- Added I2C and GPIO modules support for library for .NET development;
- New demo applications for C# and VB .NET platform;
- Improvements and bug fixes.
DLN.1.4.6.exe [zip]1.4.612 September 2011- Added library;
- Added and examples source code for SPI module;
- Added Reply Mode functionality to SPI Slave module for DLN-4S.
DLN.1.4.5.exe [zip]1.4.517 August 2011- Performance improvements for USB data transactions;
- Dln server improvements and bug fixes;
- Added MFC Dialog Components Library (DlnMfc.dll) for easy DLN modules GUI integration;
- New GUI MFC demo examples: SpiMasterFileTransfer, SpiMasterRead, SpiMasterReadWrite, SpiMasterWrite, SpiSlaveReceive;
- Added console applications: spi_master_configure, spi_master_transfer, spi_slave_configure, spi_slave_receive.
DLN.1.4.4.exe [zip]1.4.420 June 2011- Improvements and bug fixes.
DLN.1.4.0.exe [zip]1.4.005 May 2011- Added Pulse Counter module;
- Added pls_cnt_gui demo application and QT and MSVC/MFC source code;
- DLN server bug fixes;
- dln.dll library bug fixes;
- spi_slave_gui (MFC) demo application was fixed;
- get_version_gui (MFC) demo application was fixed.
DLN.1.2.0.exe [zip]1.2.018 Mar 2011- Added ADC, PWM, I2C/SPI slave modules;
- Added ADC Demo, PWM Demo, I2C Demo, SPI Demo.


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