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Bootloader Device Modes

There are three bootloader modes of a DLN-series adapter:



This mode is activated in order to use bootloader functions. Only generic and bootloader functions are available in this mode. The Bootloader mode can be accesses either by sending the DLN_BOOT_ENTER_BOOTLOADER command or by setting the respective jumper on the DLN-series adapter board. The jumper must be set before the device is powered up. In case the device is not fitted with external power source, the jumper must be set before connecting the device to a USB port.


When in this mode, the DLN-series adapter functions normally. However, some bootloader functions (DlnBootReadFlash() and DlnBootWriteFlash()) become unavailable.

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This mode is activated automatically once the device receives the DLN_BOOT_WRITE_FLASH command. In case of a power failure, the DLN-series adapter will be rebooted and remain in this mode.

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