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Device Identification

Every DLN-series adapter has a unique serial number, allocated during the manufacturing. You can obtain the serial number of the device by calling the DlnGetDeviceSn() function. Use the DlnOpenUsbDeviceBySn() function to open the device with the specific serial number.

The device serial number can’t be changed. We do not recommend to use it to distinguish between the devices that are expected to perform different actions. Using the serial number tightly couples your application to the specific hardware.

There is a much more scalable approach. You can assign an ID number to any DLN-series adapter and then use it to identify the specific hardware. To assign the ID number use our DeviceId.exe application or call the DlnSetDeviceId() function. The ID number is stored in the internal non-volatile memory. It remains the same even when the adapter is connected to another computer.

When you know the ID number of the specific adapter, you can open it with the DlnOpenDeviceById() function.

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