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PWM Frequency

Your DLN adapter outputs a PWM signal that must be accepted by the device receiving it. The device connected to the DLN adapter requires a particular frequency of the PWM signal.

You can specify the frequency of the PWM calling the DlnPwmSetFrequency() function. The frequency value should be within the range supported by your DLN adapter. To check the maximum and minimum PWM frequency values possible for DLN adapters, use the DlnPwmGetMaxFrequency() and DlnPwmGetMinFrequency() functions. If you enter an incompatible value, the DLN adapter approximates the frequency to the closest lower value supported by the DLN adapter.

The default frequency value is set to 1000Hz. To check the current frequency, use the DlnPwmGetFrequency() function.

You can specify individual frequency for each PWM channel.

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