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DLN Hardware

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DLN-4SE SPI Slave Select line


Hello all!

During the experiments with DLN-4SE adapters in SPI mode (one adapter configured as a master and the second one as a slave, 4 MHz clock speed; LabView control using .NET interface) we have encountered wierd behaviour - the slave reported multiple occurences of the SS release event while SS line has been pulled to 0. When the osciloscope probe has been attached to the MCU pin, the problem disappeared. Thus, we tried to connect 15pF ceramic capacitor to the SS line. The capacitor seems to fix the issue.

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DiolanUsbSpi does not work



I am working with Diolan UsbSpi Adapter and have faced with error. Trying to make a program, but have some troubles, api do not help with them. 

1) I have connected an adapter to pc 

2) DlnOpenDevice returned 0x00

3) DlnDeviceId return id 

4) DlnSpiMasterEnable returns 0xA8 with conflict = 25

5) DlnGetPinCfg with pin = conflict returned 0x00 but DlnSpiMasterEnable does not work again

6) DlnRestart return 95 and doesn't work 

So I can't transfer data via DlnSpiMasterReadWrite cause it returned 0xA8

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Diolan DLN-2 rev.A, SDA changes on SCL falling --> Zero setup/hold times


I set up a DLN-2 to talk to an I2C slave on a DUT.  The SCL/SDA signals exiting the Diolan are incorrect--the data changes on the falling edge of SCL.  This essentially means the hold time or the setup time is zero.  These outputs do not align with Diolan's theory website.  Need to understand if this is a faulty chip, or hidden jumper setting that can be engaged.


Here is a scope shot of the output:



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i2c transaction length limits


I'm using the linux kernel drivers for the dln2 chips. I have a device with a TPM connected to the i2c bus. I can see the TPM and simple i2c transactions work. However, some TPM operations require long I2C transfers. Reading the Public Endorsement key from the TPM tries to read 314 bytes from the TPM. This is failing:

[  280.873859] i2c i2c-2: adapter quirk: msg too long (addr 0x0029, size 314, read)

[  280.881432] tpm tpm0: tpm_transmit: tpm_recv: error -95

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DLN-2 U2C-12 Windows 7 cannot access more than 8 controllers (exclamation mark)


Hi  There,


We are in process to built a system with 11 diolan  DLN-2 rev A  U2C-12 firmware.

In device manager when we install the 9th one, we  got exclamation mark.(9/10/11) .

All 11 are  istalled  into 2 hub with external pwr. 

I use last  driver for motherboard  server C7Z87 and dln3.4.0.exe, I2C bridge.1.0.0.exe.

I try already with old XP SP3 server - do the same.

I try this solution already, the link are below:

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New devices received with serial number at 0


The last order of 4 devices all came with serial nubmer set at 0. Please let me know if this might affect functionality in any way..Thanks

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IO voltage and amperage for DLN-2


Looking for more information on the I/O power restrictions on the DLN-2 USB-I2C/SPI/GPIO Adapter . What voltage and amperage can the inputs and outputs support.

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ADC sampling speed



Does anyone knows what speed the ADC can be run at? I am using the DLN-4M.



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