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DLN Hardware

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DLN-4s as multiple I2C slaves


As we know that we can configure DLN-4S as I2C slave which can respond to multiple I2C address.

Question: Can software dynamically sends what data needs to be sent on read of particular I2C address,

Idea is that data should change dynamically , on read it should ask data from PC connected to it not from internal buffer.



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DLN-4S SPI slave question




I am using DLN-4S adapter as SPI slave and my MCU as SPI master.  The master sent 16 bytes of data to DLN-4S slave.  The data clock is 2MHz.  I sent out 16 bytes of data each time as below:

      for( i = 0; i < 16U; i++ )



        SSP1->DR = i;  // send out data

        Delay(2);  // wait for data finish




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DLN-1 PWM Channels


When I start the PWM c# example, the only option I have is port 0, channel 0. Is there really only one PWM port on the DLN-1 adapter?

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Diolan DLN-4SE


Hi, I am interested in purchasing your DLN-4SE product and I have a couple of questions:

  • Can you confirm that the product is able to act as an SPI Slave and support communications at 20 MHz ?
  • Is the DLN-4SE able to supply power ?
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diolan multiprotocol slave DLN-4S


Hi,   I am looking for a SPI slave for my project, and I have come across DLN-4S. Does it work as a slave for 100khz, as well as 3125khz?   Thank you for your time.   Regards

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Timing characteristics for SPI


Hi Diolan, Can you please publish the timing characteristics for the DLN-4M and DLN-4S in SPI master mode.  In particular the propagation delays from SCK output to the MOSI output (high and low) and the setup and hold requirements of MISO to SCK.  We need these characteristics to correctly design our high speed SPI interface.   Thanks, Scott.

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Diolan not work on startup



I have a problem with Diolan DLN-2 modules.

When running XP, when booting up computer from shut down state, the DLN-2 shows d1 and d2 LEDs on dimly. But not flashing like normal heartbeat. The USB device is not recognised by the operating system. Re-plugging in the DLN-2 to the USB once the computer is already on fixes, heartbeat LED resumes, and system recognizes.

In windows 7 same issue happens but LEDS appear normal on boot. DLN-2 is still not recognised until re-plug.

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Using DLN-4S from a bus-powered hub


Hi Diolan, We would like to use the Diolan DLN-4S connected via a bus-powered hub.  Your electrical specifications state that the DC current is a maximum of 50mA, although I presume there is additional current required for driving I/Os which is dependent on the application.  However, the USB descriptor for the DLN-4S says it requires 500mA.  So when I plug it into my bus-powered hub (which will only supply 100mA per port) it will not install.   * Do you expect the DLN-4S to operate plugged into a bus-powered hub?   Thanks, Scott.

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question regarding maximum GPIO speed on a USB multi adapter


I have a question regarding the specs of your USB multi interface adapter board. Specifically, I am referring to the product DLN-1, DLN-2, DLN-4M, and DLN-4S. 

I am wondering what is the maximum speed can be achieved on each GPIO pin if I simply toggle them between 1 and 0? I can not find this information in your spec sheet. I am planning to use the GPIO pin to generate clock signal.

Please help.

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Device cannot boot


Hi there,well, I get a DLN-4S. My device cannot boot after running some of the demo files, it's also maybe I connected the wrong pins accidentally. I tried to use the fw_update to rewrite the firmware, but it's not been recognized anymore. Is there any other way to rewrite the correct firmware?


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