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Configuring I2C Slave Interface

To provide the I2C communication, you need to configure the I2C slave port:

  1. Specify the I2C slave address of your device. DLN adapters support 7-bit addressing. Some DLN adapters allow to specify several I2C slave addresses. For details, read I2C Slave Addressing.

  2. Configure general call support. I2C slave can ignore or acknowledge the general call addressing when data can be transmitted to all I2C slaves simultaneously. For details, read General Call Support.

  3. Configure generating events. Events can be generated when an I2C master initiates data transmission. If you do not need these notifications, cancel generating events. Read I2C Slave Events.

After you have finished configuring the I2C slave device, enable the I2C slave port by the DlnI2cSlaveEnable() function.

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