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I2C Slave Addressing

DLN adapters support only 7-bit addressing. To assign a I2C slave address to your device, use the DlnI2cSlaveSetAddress() function. This function does not prevent you from assigning reserved addresses to your DLN adapter. For more information about reserved addresses, read Reserved I2C Slave Addresses.

Some DLN adapters can support more than one I2C slave addresses simultaneously. To check how many I2C slave addresses are supported by your DLN adapter, use the DlnI2cSlaveGetAddressCount() function. To assign several I2C slave addresses to your DLN adapter, use the DlnI2cSlaveSetAddress() function for every address. In the function, you specify the slaveAddressNumber parameter; its value should be unique for every I2C slave address but should not exceed the number of supported slave addresses.

To check an I2C slave address assigned to your device, call the DlnI2cSlaveGetAddress() function and point the desired value of the slaveAddressNumber parameter. To check all assigned I2C slave addresses, call the DlnI2cSlaveGetAddress() function for every possible slaveAddressNumber value.

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