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Control Panel Application

Control Panel application is distributed with open source code. Its source code is included in I2C Bridge.X.X.X.exe installation package. 

Control Panel Main Window

To launch the application open "Start Menu\Programs\Diolan U2C-12" or "C:\Program Files\Diolan\U2C-12\bin" and run the Control Panel.

When the Control Panel is started, the application main window will appear (Figure 2.1, “The Control Panel main window”).

Figure 2.1. The Control Panel main window

The Control Panel main window

The application main window contains the following elements (enumeration of elements in the list agrees with enumeration on (Figure 2.1, “The Control Panel main window”):

  1. Main menu;

  2. Standard toolbar;

  3. "I2C Bridge Devices" bar;

  4. "I2C Read" Bar, it is used to read the data from I2C slave device;

  5. "I2C Write" Bar, it is used to write the data to I2C slave device;

  6. "I2C Low Level" Bar, it is used to work with I2C slave device on low level;

  7. "I2C Bus Level" Bar, it is used to work withI2C slave device on wire level;

  8. "SPI Bus" Bar, it is used to read/write into SPI slave device;

  9. Log field;

  10. Status line.

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