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Driver Installation without Setup File Execution


There is a necessity to install U2C-12 adapter driver without running I2CBridge.x.x.x.exe setup file. Let's assume, you want to install U2C-12 device driver and your own application on your client's computer and there is no need to install Diolan software too.


Here is available solution:

After you've installed I2CBridge application, inside the U2C-12 program folder you can find a Driver folder which contains U2C-12 device driver files. To properly install U2C-12 adapter driver on computer you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Copy I2cBrdg.SYS and I2cBrdgf.SYS drivers to "%windir%\system32\drivers\" folder;

  2. Copy I2cBrdg.inf file to "%windir%\inf\" folder;

  3. Copy i2cbrdg.dll to "%windir%\system32\" folder or to the same folder your application is launched from.

%windir% contains the address line to Windows system folder where your operating system is installed.

In case you want to perform this actions manually, you may mention that there is no inf folder inside Windows system folder. By default the inf folder is hidden. To make it visible, open Windows Explorer, select "Tools" main menu item and choose "Folder Options". In "Folder Options" window select "View" tab. In "Advanced settings" section find "Hidden files and folders" and choose "Show hidden files and folders" radio button. Then click "OK" button. Now you can see all hidden files and folders in your operating system.

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