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A DLN adapter generates the DLN_GPIO_EVENT_ALWAYS events periodically with the eventPeriod interval regardless of the level on the pin and its changes. This event notifies the current signal level on a pin.


Call the DlnGpioPinSetEventCfg()function to configure events. Specify DLN_GPIO_EVENT_ALWAYS as the eventType parameter.

For the DLN_GPIO_EVENT_ALWAYS events, the eventPeriod parameter is required to be non-zero.

Immediately after you configure the DLN_GPIO_EVENT_ALWAYS event, the DLN adapter sends the first event. The eventCount field is set to zero and the value field contains the actual value on the GPIO line. Then, the DLN adapter repeatedly sends events with the actual value on the line in the value field. The interval between recurring events is equal to eventPeriod milliseconds. The eventCount field increments for each event in the series.

The changes of the level on the pin do not affect the eventCount field. You can only reset it if you change the event configuration.

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