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DlnI2cSlaveGetEvent() Function

The DlnI2cSlaveGetEvent() function retrieves settings for I2C event generation for the specified I2C slave port and I2C slave address.

DLN_RESULT DlnI2cSlaveGetEvent(
   HDLN handle,
   uint8_t port,
   uint16_t slaveAddressNumber
   uint8_t* eventType,

A handle to the DLN-series adapter.


A number of the I2C slave port.


A number of the I2C slave address to retrieve settings for. Use the DlnI2cSlaveGetAddressCount() function to obtain the total number of supported I2C slave addresses.


A pointer to an unsigned 8-bit integer that receives the current event generation settings. The following values are supported:

  • I2C_SLAVE_EVENT_NONE (0) - No I2C slave events are generated.

  • I2C_SLAVE_EVENT_READ (1) - I2C slave events are generated when an I2C master device reads data from the PC-I2C adapter.

  • I2C_SLAVE_EVENT_WRITE (2) - I2C slave events are generated when an I2C master device writes data to the PC-I2C adapter.

  • I2C_SLAVE_EVENT_READ_WRITE (1) - I2C slave events are generated both for read and write transactions.

Refer to I2C Slave Events section for additional information.

Return Value

The function successfully retrieved the current I2C slave events configuration.


The port number is not valid. Use the DlnI2cSlaveGetPortCount() function to find the maximum possible port number.


The DlnI2cSlaveGetEvent() function is defined in the dln_i2c_slave.h file.

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