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Installing I2C Bridge

To install U2C-12 adapter software:

  • Load the latest version of I2C Bridge program package from Diolan website (;

  • Run I2C Bridge.X.X.X.exe file ("X.X.X" is the number of current version);

  • Read the license agreement (Figure 1.3, “The "License Agreement" window”). In case you agree with all license conditions press the “I Agree” button. The Setup process will continue;

    Figure 1.3. The "License Agreement" window

    The "License Agreement" window
  • In the next window (Figure 1.4, “Choosing the necessary application components”) choose necessary application components and press the "Next" button;

    Figure 1.4. Choosing the necessary application components

    Choosing the necessary application components

    The list of application components:


    U2C-12 device drivers and library installation;


    Compiled and ready to use binary files;


    U2C-12 Development Kit Documentation;

    Redistributable Packet

    U2C-12 redistribution packet;


    Source code;


    Demo applications.

  • In the "Choose Install Location" window (Figure 1.5, “Choosing folder for Diolan U2C-12 installation”) choose the folder in which to install the Diolan USB-I2C/SPI/GPIO Interface Adapter software. Then press the “Next” button;

    Figure 1.5. Choosing folder for Diolan U2C-12 installation

    Choosing folder for Diolan U2C-12 installation
  • In the "Choose Start Menu Folder" window (Figure 1.6, “Choosing "Start Menu/Programs" folder for the Diolan U2C-12 shortcuts”) choose the "Start Menu" folder for the Diolan U2C-12 software shortcuts. If you select the “Do not create shortcuts” check-box, the shortcuts for installed applications will not be created. Press “Install” button and wait until the installation is completed;

    Figure 1.6. Choosing "Start Menu/Programs" folder for the Diolan U2C-12 shortcuts

    Choosing "Start Menu/Programs" folder for the Diolan U2C-12 shortcuts
  • After installation is completed press the “Close” button.

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