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Full-duplex communication

A full-duplex data transmission occurs during each SPI clock cycle: the master transmits data to the slave on the MOSI line and the slave receives it; at the same time, the slave transmits data to the master on the MISO line and the master receives it.

SPI Full-diplex Communication

To transmit data in a full-duplex mode, use the DlnSpiMasterReadWrite() function (for 8-bit frames) or the DlnSpiMasterReadWrite16() function (for 9-16-bit frames).

Transmission may continue for any number of clock cycles. When complete, the master idles the clock and releases the SS line. Using the DlnSpiMasterReadWriteEx() function, you can configure whether to release SS line after the transmission or to leave it on the low level.

The DlnSpiMasterReadWriteSS() function allows to select the SS line, transmit data and release the SS line. For details, read Connecting Multiple Slave Devices.

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