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DLN Adapter Firmware Update

DLN Firmware Update application (fw_update.exe) can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the web site.

To update firmware of your DLN-series adapter execute DLN Firmware Update application.

You will see the following window:

DLN adapter firmware update application

If the connected device can not be seen from application, you may need to run device in the bootloader mode. To perform this, unplug DLN adapter from USB, close JP4 jumper on the DLN-2 or JP1 jumper on the DLN-1 and DLN-4M/S adapters. Open jumper. Plug adapter to USB.

Choose firmware version you want to install on the DLN-series adapter.

Press Upload button. After successful firmware update, you will see Firmware upload finished message.

You can check “Automatically upload the most recent firmware to the connected adapters” check-box for your convenience. All connected adapters will be updated to the latest firmware version.
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