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Software Applications & Demos

DLN-series adapters are supplied with a variety of examples that cover almost every aspect of development. They are not all designed to be impressive when you run them, but their source code is carefully written to show good programming practices.

Software examples source code is included into DLN setup package, which can be downloaded from Downloads page.

This documentation lists complete, ready-to-use code samples and applications that correspond to different DLN-series adapters features. All examples are supplemented with detailed source code description and tips.

We also provide a number of ready to use applications. You can evaluate the DLN-series adapter with these applications or use them during your daily work. Most of these applications are also supplemented with the source code in a variety of programming languages.

See anything missing? Please send an e-mail to, where we’re collecting suggestions for future DLN code samples, and we’ll do our best to make it available!

To help you quickly find the appropriate example, we divided them into the following categories:

SPI examples

  • SPI master interface examples.

  • SPI slave interface examples.

  • 25 series SPI Flash programming examples.

  • AT45DB series SPI DataFlash programming examples.

I2C examples

  • I2C master interface examples.

  • I2C slave interface examples.

  • 24 series I2C EEPROM programming examples.

GPIO examples

  • Single GPIO pin usage examples.

  • Configuring and using of multiple GPIO pins examples.

Additional interfaces

  • ADC examples.

  • UART examples.

  • PWM examples.

  • Pulse and frequency counter examples.

  • LEDs examples.

Generic examples

Generic examples show how to connect to the DLN series adapter from a variety of programming languages, get device and software version, work with several DLN-series adapters simultaneously.

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