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U2C-12 Compatibility with DLN-2 Adapter

Before we developed the DLN-series USB-I2C adapters, we had a U2C-12 USB-I2C adapter that was used by thousands of our customers.

After U2C-12 adapter was discontinued, we replaced it with the DLN-2 adapter, which has exactly the same form factor. Some of our customers began to use our new API, because it provides more advanced functionality, while other customers didn’t want to change their software.

We put our customers at the center of all we do and we developed the firmware for DLN-2 USB-I2C adapter that is fully compatible with the previous U2C-12 API.

There are two versions of DLN-2 adapters: DLN-2 adapter itself with DLN firmware and DLN-2-U2C adapter with U2C-12 compatible firmware for customers which still use currently obsolete U2C-12 adapter.

DLN-2 and DLN-2-U2C adapters have identical hardware and price. The difference between them is firmware. DLN-2-U2C adapter has U2C-12 compatible firmware, so you can use it as original U2C-12 adapter.

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