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Supported Programming Languages & Frameworks

Diolan is committed to making all of our technologies equally accessible from different programming languages. It doesn't matter what framework or technology you use. You can easily interface DLN-series adapter in the familiar surrounding.

If you need an example for additional programming language of framework, just send us an email to New samples are added frequently so check back often.

C/C++ examples are available for the following frameworks and technologies:

  • Command line C and C++ applications.

  • MFC C++ GUI examples.

  • Cross-platform QT C++ GUI examples.

  • .NET C++/CLI examples.

C# and VB.NET examples are available as Windows Form Applications.

There are LabView Instrument Driver and LabView examples available for all supported interfaces.

Most of the examples can work with all DLN-series adapters. They check if the specific feature is supported by the selected adapter and enables or disables the corresponding controls.

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