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A DLN adapter generates the DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_IDLE events each time the SS line stays raised for a certain time.


When the transmission from/to the SPI master completes, the master rises the level on the SS line. If the level stays high for the time set in the timeout parameter, a DLN adapter-slave generates the DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_IDLE event. If the SS line stays in the high level less than the required idle timeout, the event does not occur.

To configure the timeout parameter, use the DlnSpiSlaveSetIdleEventTimeout() function. The DlnSpiSlaveSetIdleEventTimeout() function allows to check the current value of this parameter.

Use the DlnSpiSlaveEnableIdleEvent() function to enable generating DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_IDLE events. To disable this event, use the DlnSpiSlaveDisableIdleEvent() function. The DlnSpiSlaveIsIdleEventEnabled() function allows to check whether this event is enabled.

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