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A DLN adapter generates the DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_SS_RISE events each time the level on the SS line rises.


When the transmission from/to the SPI master completes, the master rises the level on the SS line. At this moment, a DLN adapter-slave generates the DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_SS_RISE event. After receiving this event, your application can perform certain actions, for example, show received data or start processing them.

The eventCount field of the first event is set to zero. For every new DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_SS_RISE event, the eventCount field increments. When you reset the slave or change its configuration, the eventCount filed is reset to zero.

Use the DlnSpiSlaveEnableSSRiseEvent() function to enable generating these events. To disable this event, use the DlnSpiSlaveDisableSSRiseEvent() function. The DlnSpiSlaveIsSSRiseEventEnabled() function allows to check whether this event is enabled.

The DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_SS_RISE and DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_IDLE events are conflicting; therefore when you enable one of these events, check that the other one is disabled.
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