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SPI Slave Events

DLN adapters-slaves can be configured to send events. The events are generated when the slave meets the certain predefined conditions.

DLN adapters-slaves support the following events:

Event TypeDescription


A DLN adapter does not generate any events.


A DLN adapter generates events when the level on the SS line rises. For details, read DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_SS_RISE Events.


A DLN adapter generates events when the buffer is full. For details, read DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_BUFFER_FULL Events.


A DLN adapter generates events when the slave idles for the configured time. For details, read DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_IDLE Events.

When an event occurs, your application is notified (see the Notifications section). Call the DlnGetMessage() function to obtain the event details. The DLN_SPI_SLAVE_DATA_RECEIVED_EV structure describes this information.

By default, event generation is disabled (DLN_SPI_SLAVE_EVENT_NONE).

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