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I2C Transaction

The data transmission includes the following steps:

  1. The master initiates communication by generating a START (S) Condition;

  2. The master sends the first byte that includes a Slave Address and Data Direction;

  3. The slave generates the acknowledgement (ACK) signal. If the master receives no acknowledgement signal, it generates the STOP (P) condition to terminate the transmission.

  4. The transmitter (master or slave) writes a byte of data to the bus and the receiver (slave or master) reads this byte of data from the bus.

  5. After each byte of data, the receiver sends the acknowledgement (ACK) signal and the transmission continues. If the receiver sends no acknowledgement signal, the transmitter stops writing data to the I2C bus.

  6. To terminate transmission, the master generates the STOP (P) Condition. To change transmission parameters, the master generates the Repeated START (Sr) Condition.

I2C transmission

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