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Reserved I2C Slave Addresses

There are 16 reserved I2C addresses. The following table shows the purposes of these addresses:

I2C slave addressDirection bit (R/W)Description

0000 000


General call address

0000 000


START byte

0000 001


CBUS address

0000 010


Reserved for different bus format

0000 011


Reserved for future purposes

0000 1XX


Hs-mode master code

1111 1XX


Device ID

1111 0XX


10-bit slave addressing

The general call address is for addressing all devices connected to the I2C bus. If a device does not need the provided data, it can ignore this address (it does not issue the acknowledgement). If a device requires data from a general call address, it acknowledges this address and behaves as a slave-receiver. If one or more slaves acknowledge the general call address, the master does not know how many devices did it and does not see not-acknowledged slaves.

If you use a DLN-series adapter as I2C slave, you can configure it to support general call addressing or to ignore it.

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