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DLN-2 to DLN-2-U2C Conversion

If you have DLN-2 adapter and want to acquire DLN-2-U2C adapter, firmware can be easily changed.

To upload U2C-12 compatible firmware to DLN-2 adapter, download U2C-12 Compatible Firmware Uploader (dln_2_u2c.exe) from the Downloads section of the web site. Plug-in board to USB port, run dln_2_u2c.exe application, choose latest available firmware version and press Upload button to upload firmware to DLN-2 adapter.

U2C-12 Compatible Frmware Uploader application

Now you have fully compatible U2C-12 board which can work with U2C-12 driver and API.

To successfully run dln_2_u2c.exe application, you need both dln.dll and i2cbrdg.dll to be installed in your system, so before you run U2C-12 Compatible Firmware Uploader, also check you have installed DLN and I2CBridge software packages.
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