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Identifying Device

To identify which version of DLN-2 adapter (DLN-2 itself or DLN-2-U2C) you have, navigate to Device Manager and look for “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and “Diolan DLN-series Adapters” section.

Device Manager with DLN adapters

Here you will find either DLN-2 Multi Protocol Adapter in the “Diolan DLN-series Adapters” section, if you have DLN-2 Adapter or U2C-12 USB-I2C/SPI/GPIO Interface Adapter in the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section, if you have DLN-2-U2C adapter version.

If you do not see any of devices in the Device Manager, it may be you did not install proper setup package for your adapter version. Please note, that DLN-2 with DLN firmware uses DLN driver, which can be installed with DLN setup package (please read Installing DLN Setup Package). And DLN-2-U2C adapter use U2C-12 driver from the I2CBridge setup package, which can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the web site.

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