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SPI Master Full-duplex Read/Write Software

Use "SPI Master Read Write" software application to write and obtain data through SPI Interface.


Software Description

The following application components are available:

Port" Combo-box
Select available SPI Master port. Disabled if only one SPI port is available.
"Configure" Button
Press this button to open SPI Master configuration dialog. Read SPI Master Configuration page for details.
"Open Device" Button
Press this button to open or reopen device. Open Device Dialog Box will appear if several devices are connected to the same computer, so you will me able to select proper device.
Write Data" Hex Field
Type hex data to be sent to SPI Slave device.
Read Data" Hex Field
Read Hex data from the SPI Slave device.
Read/Write" Button
Press this button to execute Read/Write operation.
Note that some application components are disabled until SPI Master port is disabled. Enable SPI Master port at SPI Master Configuration dialog to get access to application components.
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